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— What Clients Don’t Know

Mike Montiero always tells it like it is.

When in-house or external clients go out in search of design they often have no idea how to describe what they need, measure what they’re looking for, or evaluate who they might work for and subsequently, the work that’s produced. As designers it’s our job to help site owners and stakeholders figure these things out and to give them the tools and knowledge they need to evaluate whether what we do is what they need. Without that insight clients have nothing to go on but gut instinct and subjectivity.

Regardless of how much you like his bullish approach you can't fault his ideals. Half the battle on almost all projects is convincing a client that we're professionals and that our expertise and experience qualifies us to make decisions on their behalf. And how those decisions equate to why 'x' costs '£££' and why 'y' will cost ££,£££.

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