Echo+Repeat Submissions

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The types of videos we look to feature vary, but remain within a theme — brilliant or unique video content related to the graphic arts. The topics we like to cover include studio showreels, interviews, infographics and typography. We want to showcase men and women who excel at their craft or outstanding design that deserves plenty of air-time.

What you won't see (much of) here is waffle, pretentious rubbish or content unrelated to the many disciplines bracketed within graphic design. While we love music, art, architecture, fashion, photography and other creative disciplines, we probably won't showcase content exclusive to those categories. We're looking to discover content that relates back to print and digital design, whether it be type in fashion or visual communication in a music video, for example.

All that said, we take a light-hearted approach to this site so might just ignore our good intentions and post what we think is great.

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